A Premier Bakery Service Serving The Piedmont Triad

Our Menu

Welcome to Darlene's Delectables! We are delighted that you've taken an interest in our delectable baked goods. We take great pride in our delicious products and service. Using only the finest ingredients, dedication and tedious artisanship, we produce the most delicious pastries, pies, custards, cobblers, cakes, sweet bread, puddings, brownies and baked bars your palate has ever experienced. Every bite delivers melt in your mouth satisfaction and a taste of excellence.


Pound Cakes

Butternut (no nuts in or on the cake)   $30
Chocolate (with chocolate fudge icing)   $35
Coconut   $30
Five Flavor (rum, coconut, almond, lemon, vanilla butter)   $30
Lemon   $30
Sour Cream (glazed with lemon)   $30

**All Pound Cakes are glazed with the same flavor of the cake**



Banana Cake (with praline icing)   $35
Carrot (raisins optional)   $45
Chocolate Layer   $40
Cinnamon Bun   $25
Coconut   $40
Coconut Pineapple   $45
German Chocolate   $45
Hummingbird (pineapples, bananas, coconut, pecans)   $50
Italian Cream (coconut and pecans inside cake)   $45
Peanut Butter Cake (chocolate cake with peanut butter icing dripping with caramel)   $50
Reese's Peanut Butter   $50
Red Velvet   $40
Strawberry   $45
Strawberry Bundt Cake   $40
Turtle Cake (chocolate fudge icing drenched with caramel and pecans)   $50

Sweet Breads

Banana Bread   $15
Strawberry Bread (seasonal)   $20
Zucchini Bread   $15

**Nuts may be added for a $3 additional cost**


Pies and Cobblers

Butter Coconut Pie   $15
Peach Cobbler (crust on top and bottom)   $25
Pecan Pie   $20
Strawberry Creme Pie (seasonal)   $20
Sweet Potato Pie   $10


Blonde Brownies   $15/dozen
Brownie Bites   $15/2 dozen
Chocolate Brownies   $15/dozen
Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies   $20/dozen

**Nuts may be added for a $3 additional cost**


Puddings and Bakery Bars

Dirt Pudding (can be prepared in a new sanitized flower pot at no additional cost)   $25
Ooey Gooey Butter Bars   $15/2 dozen
Lemon Bars   $15/2 dozen
Banana Pudding (meringue optional)   $30